Ring Video Battery Doorbell V3 & Ring Outdoor Battery Camera X 2

For Ring Video Battery Doorbell V3 And Ring Outdoor Battery Camera

  • Including Callout, Labor, Parts and Vat. Discount is available if you are booking in two or more Smart Devices to be replaced or Installed.


Ring Video Battery Doorbell V3 and Ring Outdoor Battery are brought to you by Infinity Ring Installer within the Dublin area. They come with a discount if you purchase two or more for installation or replacement. Installation labor and all the parts are inclusive at an affordable price. Amazing discounts wait if in need of additional products.

For the new installation of floodlights and main wired cameras, ensure a power source within two meters. An existing working wired doorbell will be of help in some video doorbells. Ring Video Battery Doorbell V3 comes with a 1080p H.D. video camera that allows for live view and motion detection.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is dual-band, ranging 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and has improved screw strength. Its efficiency is enhanced by near motion zone motion capability with an easily removable faceplate. Ring Outdoor Battery Camera is easy to install with a wireless camera with the sharp video quality.

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