Nest Smart Thermostat & Ring Floodlights X2

Nest Smart Thermostat
& Two Ring Floodlights

  • Including Callout, Labor, Parts and Vat. Discount is available if you are booking in two or more Smart Devices to be replaced or Installed.


Another smart device that we have in our company is Nest smart Thermostat with two ring Floodlights. The price for the package ranges from 1190 euros. Our valued customers should consider Nest Smart Thermostat & Ring Floodlight for points.

We have a variety of smart home packages at the infinity ring installer available in the Dublin area. The devices included in this package are Nest Smart Thermostat and Two Ring Floodlights fully supplied, installed, and set up. The customer will also get a father discount to inquire about additional parts. To gain our points, you should consider Ring Floodlight pro and Nest Smart Learning Thermostat.

The cost price for the device includes installation and callout fees, VAT, and parts. The customer will get a discount when he orders two or more smart devices for installation or replacement. The customer should note that some video doorbells require a wired, existing, working doorbell. Mains wired cameras and floodlights require a power Source within two meters of the new installation.

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