Ring Door Bell Pro & Ring Floodlight Cameras X2

Ring Door Bell Pro & Two Ring Floodlight Cameras

  • Including Callout, Labor, Parts and Vat. Discount is available if you are booking in two or more Smart Devices to be replaced or Installed.


Ring Door Bell pro with Two Ring Floodlight cameras is also one of the smart devices that we have within our company. Its price ranges from 1995 euros depending on the package that is preferred by the customer. To earn more points from our company, the customer should look at Ring Door Bell Pro and Ring Floodlight Cameras for issues.

The smart device comes in various packages such as Nest Smart Thermostat X 2, Nest Smart Thermostat and Ring Door Bell Pro, Nest Smart Thermostat & Ring Door Bell Pro & Ring Floodlight, Nest Smart Thermostat & Ring Floodlights X 2, and Nest Smart Thermostat & Nest Doorbell & Nest Outdoor Camera.

The cost price for this device also includes labor, spare parts, VAT, and callout fees. A discount will be allowed to the customer when they order two or more of these smart devices for installation or replacement.

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